Study 3 – Ephesians 1 Continued – The Choice of God

February 14, 2010

in Ephesians Study

Ephesians 1 continued.

So here we are having spent at least a Sunday, a few moments in this Epistle already having discovered for ourselves a New Testament Psalm.

I hope we have a different look as to how this Epistle is constructed. We find before us, at least in part, a Psalm – or a doxology – if you will – lifted up in praise to God for what He has done for the redeemed.

For what He has done for us.

He freely brings to us – as His children – His comforting sovereignty, His rich blessings, His boundless kindness, His matchless goodness, and His mighty power. Just as the Psalms, as we looked at last week, cried out to us about the many blessings of God, in very practical ways comes this wonderful passage of Ephesians …

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The Choice of God