The Awana Program…Is It Worth It?

November 3, 2011

in Pastor's Corner

When a church is deciding to take on a serious ministry program there are many questions to decide upon. When we were first considering participation in the Awana ministry there were many things that were unknown at the time and many questions to be answered.

One example is that we did not know if we could afford to fully participate because of the expenses involved. There are dues to Awana, many workbooks to buy, clothing, awards, the store, and all kinds of incidentals that every thriving ministry must pay for.

Our next concern was staffing all areas of the ministry as well. It takes a lot of man hours and woman hours to keep all of the children well taught and properly supervised. Every week there are some 50 children from three years old on up to high schoolers. It takes a lot of dedication week after week.

Then there is the personal preparation necessary to keep up with the teaching of all of these children. Each leader and teacher must be willing to study, pray, and be consistent in their own personal lives before the Lord.

Part of the vision from the beginning was to supply an evening meal on Wednesday night so that parents, who are already under pressure from busy work schedules, could come immediately from work and not have to get a meal on the table. They can come here and relax because others want to minister to them with a smile and a hot meal.

So here we are some years later and the question has to be answered, “Is it worth all the time and preparation and money and trouble?”

Well, consider this. Last Wednesday night after hearing a Gospel presentation from the “Gospel Bag” (wordless book), nine children came to faith. Nine children prayed to receive the forgiveness the Father provides through Jesus Christ! These are not the first to come to Christ (there have been some 25 children in the past), but the most children at one time.

Worth it? Every hour, every thought, every prayer, every dollar! Each one of you who work and pray and give have made an investment in the future of these nine and in the future…many more. Thank You one and all for your faithful obedience.