Study 7 – Forgiveness (Part 3) When I Am At Fault – Philemon 1:10

July 15, 2012

in Philemon Study,Teaching

Read Philemon 1:5

Here in Philemon we find this man Onesimus returning home to face up to his responsibilities.

He has run away, he has stolen from Philemon.

What must he have been thinking during that 1200 mile trek back to face the one whom he had offended?

There are times when you and I  have to take those long trips back home as well. We have to face up to our own faults and the things we
have done to offend others.

Matthew 5 gives us the information we need to make things right with others when we are the guilty offenders. In this presentation we learn how to go back, how to make things right, how to live at peace once again with people we have offended.

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When I Am At Fault