Study 5 – Sweet Salvation In Our Savior – Colossians 1:11-13; 21-22

February 26, 2012

in Colossians Study

Read Colossians 1:11-13;21-22

There is much to be garnered from this first chapter of Colossians. As
you read the text, the pedigree of our Lord is opened up and explained
to us in detail. But, even more than this listing of spiritual
position comes the desire of our Lord to save us even through our
extreme bitterness and hatred.

John the 8th chapter tells us that as our Lord spoke to the people of
His day, they picked up stones to throw at Him. They would not hear
that they were just like all the other sinners in the world. There are
folks like this even today. The truth is sinners need a savior!
Personally I am not a rock thrower and I hope you aren’t either. Jesus
says that you are blessed when you have “eyes to see and ears to

Christ comes to us to seek and to save the lost. This passage tells us
clearly who Jesus is and what Jesus has done for us.

Sweet Salvation In Our Savior