Study 6 – A Plan You Do Not Know – Philemon 1:5

July 8, 2012

in Philemon Study

Read Philemon 1:5

There are times in all of our lives we suddenly find ourselves in circumstances that are out of control…at least it seems that way at first blush. But the Scriptures seem to indicate that there is nothing in the life of the believer that is a surprise to the Sovereign Lord. No happenstance, no mistakes, no “Oops!” moments in the presence of the Lord. This fact is both disturbing and encouraging all at the same time. If “all things” do “work together to them that love God”, what does that say about the thing you are facing right now? I say that there is great comfort in the knowledge that our God is moving, guiding, providing. My life is in His loving control.

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A Plan You Did Not Know