Study 21 – Philippians 4 – The Philippian Church and the Macedonian Call

January 8, 2012

in Philippians Study

Read Philippians 4

When you think of the Apostle Paul’s ministry it has been said of him that he was a tent maker and that he was self supporting for his thirty years of missionary work.

But a closer look at the record seems to indicate that Paul was supported by the churches in Macedonia.

At the close of the Philippian letter in chapter 4, Paul thanks these faithful churches for their loyalty and support over the years of his missionary work.

Read Paul’s letters to Corinth, Thessalonians, and the record of Acts 18 and you begin to see the result of obedience to the “Macedonian Call”.

No wonder the Letter to the Philippians is so warm hearted.

This church put their money where their mouth was. The result was the great success of the spread of the Gospel in the first century world.

Macedonian Call