Study 2 – Philippians 1:6 – Security in Christ

June 19, 2011

in Philippians Study

Read Philippians 1:6

Looking just a little closer what is it that we discover about the essence of salvation.

The Apostle has confidence in a set of facts which he lists for us in Philippians 1:6;

  1. He who began a good work in you
  2. Will perfect it
  3. Until the day of Christ Jesus

Now if we use the words of verse six for our outline, what can we deduce from the statements that are made? Questions for us to ask might be;

  • How is it that the work of salvation began in these Philippian Christians?
  • How does that work of salvation begin in you and me?
  • Is the work of salvation something that you do, that I do that brings us to Christ?
  • Just what has God done? What is it that I am to do?

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Study 2 Philippians 1:6 – Security in Christ