Study 19 – Ephesians 3:13 – Losing Heart

June 13, 2010

in Ephesians Study

Read Ephesians 3:13

The cost of being a Christian in the post modern world has indeed become something of an anomaly.

At least for the Christians in much of the western world the idea of suffering for the faith or suffering for the propagation of the faith is an almost foreign concept.

So far we have lived in a fairly protective culture; so far the cost to our affluence has been minimal.

As we reconsider the Apostle Paul’s life and times we find a completely different environment. His times are not our times.

It almost goes without saying that to be a Christian in his day was not a commitment one would tend to make lightly.

If you just look up words in the scriptures like “suffer” and “persecution” you will read of the difficult plight of our forefathers in the faith.

Becoming a Christian was costly in fortune and life.

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Study 19 Ephesians 3:13 – Losing Heart