Study 13 – Philippians 3:14-17 – Imitate

September 18, 2011

in Philippians Study

Read Philippians 3:14-17

Here in Philippians 3:14-17 the Apostle Paul calls upon the Philippians to mimic what they see him doing. The attitude he wants them to mimic is that of putting away the thought that God is pleased with law living, and to continue to live by faith in Christ.

We can take an example from him, we can take a lesson from his life. But there is even more for us to consider.

We look into the pages of scripture and see in the pages of Philippians men like Timothy and Epaphroditus, women like Euodia and Syntyche and many others in Philippi who also lived by the pattern to which Paul is calling them. These are part of that cloud of witnesses who gave us an example of living by faith.

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