Study 5 – Ephesians 1:5-10 – From Misery to Mystery

February 28, 2010

in Ephesians Study


Read Ephesians 1: 5-10

In the beginning of our reflections on this particular epistle. We have so far centered our ideas around the will of God, first of all. And around the grace of God.

First off, the will of God reveals to us – from the Word of God – that God has ultimate authority and power over His creation. Now you would think that would go without saying, but I am telling you that throughout the history of the Church, there has been no other subject more exhaustively discussed and argued than this particular idea:

“How far does the sovereign will of God go?”

Well, let me tell you, I’ll settle the argument of the ages in just a few short words. And the settlement of the argument is this: God has the right over His creation.

If that’s not specific enough: God has the right over every creature.

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From Misery to Mystery