A Contrary Wind – Introduction to 1 Titus

May 4, 2014

in 1 Titus Study

In the daily living of your life you never know where you will end up.
I remember some years ago setting out for a relaxing weekend. All the plans were made, we were to arrive at our destination at just the right time and have days left to relax and enjoy friends. We left home and about a hundred miles from home, the car broke down. We never made it to our relaxing weekend. Our plans were changed by circumstances not within our control.
Here in Titus 1 the Apostle Paul set out for Rome on a ship. The weather was so bad they had to make an emergency stop at a Mediterranean Island called Crete. As a result of that short layover, converts were made, the church was started. By the time Paul wrote to Titus there was a need for him to organize more fully the church on the island. A contrary wind, a willing apostle, and a church was born.
Are there any contrary winds in your life right now? Maybe, just maybe the Master has something for you to do today more important that what you thought. Look for the hand of the Lord in the circumstance you face, it could be that He has something or someone for you to bring a blessing to today.