2 Timothy 3:16-17 – The Valuable Word

March 30, 2014

in 2 Timothy Study

Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17

How many things have you found to be reliable year after year in your experience? It seems to me almost all that is built these days has a shelf life a planned obsolescence if you will. This obsolescence is not only apparent in tangible products you buy, but also in the things you use. We have been told over the years coffee is bad for us, don’t drink wine, drink eight glasses of water a day, no fat, no carbs, and now within the last couple of years all of those junk science theories have gone up in smoke. Even popular ideas of how to raise our children, what is important in our relationships as husband and wife, what is important to pursue in life, all of these popular culture ideas have all changed over and over again. One hardly knows what to think.

God’s Word on the other hand is not like the fads and ever changing ideas of the world around us. The word of God maintains it’s veracity and value generation after generation. God’s Word was reliable and true when it was written, and it is valuable and true today.
There is one thing you can count on. All may fail around you, but God’s Word stands forever!