2 Timothy 2:14 & 16-19 – “Singin’ TY-YI-YIPPIE-YIPPIE-YEA”

February 9, 2014

in 2 Timothy Study

The word “wrangle” brings to the western mind tales of cowboys out on the open range herding cattle to market. Those critters could be a real handful, especially when they got a mind to go in the wrong direction. It fell to a cowboy on horseback to wrangle those self willed cattle back to where they belonged.
In 2 Timothy 2:14 Paul uses this word “wrangle” in a negative way when he tells us not to wrangle about words with men whose only ambition is to win an argument, stir up doubt. In the the case of Hymaneus and Philetus, they caused the faith of some to fail.
We should place our faith only in the written Word of God, not in the inflated minds of men who place their faith on “visions they have seen”.