1 Timothy 6:3-5 – Killing Our Culture Nature

November 24, 2013

in 1 Timothy Study

 Read 1 Timothy 6:3-5

There are so many ways that Satan keeps us from the call of God on our lives. Somehow we get fooled by the world and it’s way of doing things. But in fact, we are called out of the world to live out our lives in complete surrender to the love of Christ and then to give that love to others around us. What stops us form living lovingly?
I think the biggest thing is the failure to recognize the fact that we are called out of the world’s system into a life of love. The trouble is we are bombarded by the culture around us that lives for self pleasure, self assertion and self aggrandizement. The Scripture calls us to put all of our worlds priorities aside and live out our lives in service to others, loving others, sacrificing for others.
So how’s your “culture nature”? Is it dead yet? Well, it might be the time to be challenged by what you hear!