1 Timothy 5:13-16 – Behold Your Mother

October 20, 2013

in 1 Timothy Study

In this present day we live in what has been referred to as the “Youth Culture”. The result of this paradigm shift toward the young is that those who are young have an excuse to ignore those who are older. Whereas older people, who used to be valued for their life experiences, are now thought of as irrelevant, outdated and expensive relics.
In the church God wants those who are young to benefit from His presence in a couple of ways. The first type of wisdom for life can be gained from the Scriptures. ” I have more insight than all my teachers” says Psalm 119:98. The second kind of wisdom is lesser that Gods Word but still valuable. It is the wisdom that comes from those who have walked the path of life longer than we have. Proverbs 10 says that “…wise men store up knowledge…” And we can benefit from them as we traverse the path of life.
As you look around your church family remember to value the men and women who have walked with the Lord for more years than you have been alive. Listen to them, learn from them, follow their example and you will be blessed indeed.