1 Timothy 4:6-11 – Perscriptions

October 6, 2013

in 1 Timothy Study

I have been made more aware recently of my need of a qualified physician. My left knee all of a sudden started to act up. It hurt me all the time! After some consultation the doctor prescribed certain medications to help me cope with the problem. That prescription was designed to help me to recover from a very specific problem. A prescription custom designed for me.
In the same way The Lord God has prescribed a certain medication to solve an even bigger problem, that problem is sin. It is the very thing that will ultimately separate me from eternal life. Just like we do in the spiritual world we put off dealing with our disease of sin, we ignore it, we say to ourselves we don’t really have the problem. We fail to go to The Great Physician to get from Him the cure, the prescription for our terminal disease, the disease of sin. And just like the person who ignores the doctor we ignore the offer of salvation and we die with no hope.
Here in this text there is found a spiritual prescription, will you find out what it is? Will you follow it? Let’s find out!