1 Timothy 4:1-5 – The Hymn of Christ – Part 2

September 22, 2013

in 1 Timothy Study

There is that beautiful hymn we studied last time that we found to be very exact about the nature and work of Christ. Not just exact, but sublime as well. We saw in that hymn the fact of Christ’s sufficiency in affecting our salvation. His ability alone, His work alone brings salvation to us.

As we turn the page to the 4th chapter we almost think it is disconnected to what we read in chapter 3, but for a little conjunction found in Greek that connects the two thoughts together in juxtaposition. In chapter 3 it’s in Christ alone that our hope is found. In chapter 4 man once again tries to earn his own way to God by his own righteousness, by his own rules, by his own works…to his ruin! The message to the reader is to sit up and take notice, for what was begun in grace must find it’s end in grace.