1 Timothy 3:2a – Above Reproach

June 30, 2013

in 1 Timothy Study

Read 1 Timothy 3:2a

At this point in time our nation is suffering economically, socially, and spiritually because we have ignored God’s plain teaching about the kind of people we ask to lead us. As we look to the leadership in our country there seems to be a lack of anyone who can effectively take the high moral ground. The reason for our slip into immoral thinking and immoral attitudes and immoral actions and immoral direction is found at the doorstep of immoral leadership. So we find in our government and all around us a nation exalting folly.
Our country has bought into immoral goals and we as a people are quickly slipping into ruin. Why? Because we have elected immoral leadership who are a reflection of an immoral people who will someday call upon the “rocks to fall on them” rather than repent and turn to God.
And where is the violation of God’s law? Partially it is this; “Leaders must be above reproach…” We have failed to realize that character matters.

Above Reproach